Our goal is simple: BEAUTY, UNIQUENESS & QUALITY

We seek out the unique and quality pieces that will wow our clients and their wedding guests, and if we can't find it, we search for the right local talent to custom make it for us.

How it all began

They say at any given wedding, you'll find that happiness and inescapable energy radiates most out of the bride and the mother of the bride. It's such an electric day. There's music, there's flowers, there's laughter, there's love in the air... and there's the million little details that come together to create one beautiful day.


THE STORY BEHIND VINTAGE MEETS MODERN I decided to open up Vintage Meets Modern because being part of a special day like that is a wonderful place to be. It's how our stories get written, through words, through photos, through those that surround us, through those that love us. 

Here's a pic of my sweet hubby and I - without his support you wouldn't be reading this. I think back to our wedding as I kept reminding myself to pause and take it all in. All the friends and family that came to share our love (and clean out the bar), that energy, that electricity and all the million little details that brought everything together.


I've been living in Portland since 1998. I went to the University of Portland and got my BA in Marketing. Then some time later moved to Italy for a year to study Graphic Design. I'm a designer by trade. I love everything branding. My work experience has been focused on Branding and Marketing as well as Event Planning. It was through my work on company events that I came to experience the events industry and found a perfect little place for myself in it. So... there you go!


The items you can rent here have all sorts of backgrounds. Some belong to my own parents and grandparents all of whom have an incredible eye for interior decorating - a la vintage. Some custom built to satisfy our vision. Some brand new.  And many reclaimed. These pieces write their own story books and will be adding yours to their pages.

The Naked Collection’s 60” Walnut Round

Beauty: Gorgeous NW Walnut top and metal base – all handcrafted right here in Portland.

Uniqueness & Efficiency: This is a new option for reception rounds that does not require linens! You can’t find this anywhere else. And we made sure the tops and bases could be interchangeable and easily assembled (bonus for our movers).

The Naked Collection's 8’ rectangular high gloss white tables

Uniqueness: Props to Nora at Bridal Bliss for suggesting this addition to our inventory. No one else carries these gorgeous tables.

Beauty & Efficiency: White lacquer was our goal, it’s shiny, it’s bright, it’s soooo beautiful – BUT as it turns out it tends to fade in the sun and crack – and we did not want to limit our clients to only using these tables indoors.

We went with a different finish that is used on boats! But it can only be applied to metal, which makes our tables soooo much lighter (again, bonus for our movers).

Industrial Coat Racks

Beauty & Uniqueness: yep! Even our coat racks are beautiful! If attention to detail is your jam, then you’ll want every aspect of your event to show quality and beauty – even the coat racks!

Efficiency: these coat racks can be transported unassembled then assembled on site.