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When we set sail on this Vintage Meets Modern adventure, we knew one thing, we were not going to settle for the status quo. It has been our credo all along. Every single piece of our collection is either curated or custom created with the sole purpose of elevating our client's style.

We provide furniture and decor rentals as well as styling & staging
in Portland, OR and up to 3 hours in any direction.

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carefully curated collection

Our rentals have all sorts of backgrounds. Some belonged to my own family, they have an incredible eye for interior decorating - a la vintage. Some brand new, some reclaimed, and some custom built to satisfy our vision. 

Our vision for Vintage Meets Modern is strictly to elevate our client's events and style. We don't carry anything that needs to be covered with linens. Expect quality and uniqueness when you rent with us, we want to wow you and your guests.

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a quest to make your
life easier

Not a stylist? No problem! When you work with Vintage Meets Modern, your clients, guests and business associates will be wowed by your incredible sense of style. Here's how: You can rent one of our pre-styled scenes and every single detail will be done! I mean every single detail! We've shopped, styled and custom created pieces that work together so beautifully in our pre-styled groupings, all you have to do is decide which one best represents your style. Or rent a stylist with our inventory, they will create your dream scene for you.


We have spent countless hours, days and months designing, erasing, redesigning, construction & deconstructing and rebuilding our dining tables until they were perfected.

We may be biased but we think these tables are SERIOUSLY OUT OF THIS WORLD! The kind you see in interior design magazines, not what you're used to covering with expensive linens.



White lacquer was our goal, it’s shiny, it’s bright, it’s soooo beautiful – BUT as it turns out it tends to fade in the sun and crack – and we did not want to limit our clients to only using these tables indoors.

We went with a different finish that is used on boats! But it can only be applied to metal, which makes our tables soooo much lighter. A bonus for us.




We knew we wanted to carry a beautiful rectangular wood table option. So we thought we'd bring something a little different to our clients.

These knotty alder top tables are so beautiful, smooth and clean. Unlike the rustic options for rent, this one is a little more modern and new and will give your wedding or event a more clean and elevated look. The farm tables seat 10 each and have legs that fold for easy transport.

rent our FARM tables



This is a new option for reception rounds that does not require linens! A result of a collaboration between Vintage Meets Modern and local Portland master craftsmen and women in welding and wordworking.

The table top is made out of hand picked Northwest walnut. You can’t find this anywhere else. And we made sure the tops and bases could be interchangeable and easily assembled (bonus for our movers).

rent our walnut tables


Here's the thing. When you work with Vintage Meets Modern, you get this gal right here. I gravitate towards people that look for the goodness in others and beauty within themselves. I'm all hands on deck. Running into a problem? I'm here to solve it! Troubleshooting and looking for options is just something I thrive on. I'm here as your client service pro. I am here to help, create, inspire and to be inspired.

Before opening Vintage Meets Modern and venturing into event rentals I used to work as a Marketing Director in Commercial Real Estate. I worked on branding, company culture, graphic design and company events. It's while planning one of our client events that I first fell in love with the events world and also where I saw a small niche for myself to bring to the Portland events industry new options that weren't just different and unique but also high in quality.

We really are here to help elevate your event. Navigate our dining table options, all are custom made! Check out our cocktail hour collection, there's nothing like it. Or browse our Rent This Look section for some truly inspired and on trend lounge groupings.

There’s this picture of my parents that seems to appear in my head from time to time. It’s black and white with that white crinkly border that old photos had. They were young, just newly engaged, they’re at the dinner table, my mom is feeding my dad and laughing hysterically, and so is he. I can’t believe how much that photo inspires me. I see a young couple about to embark on a journey together, with all the unknowns that marriage and the future holds, and they are so happy in that moment that happens to be frozen in time because someone had the good sense to snap that photo.

What I do every day is embodied in that photo. People coming together to celebrate a past, a present or a future.
Whether it’s a wedding, a company or client event, a brand environment, events are a celebration, a coming together of people. How lucky that this is my work.

So that’s the woman behind the brand. Just a girl, in the world, inspired by her travels, her family and the goodness in others.